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For any teacher, professor or instructor who wants to teach Stephen King’s novel, Pet Sematary.  If you know of any handouts, worksheets, criticism, related readings or other resources, please email me so I can add them. acbenett {at-symbol] umich (dot/period] edu


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Pet Sematary Wikipedia entry

Pet Sematary Facts – from "Stephen King Books"

Pet Sematary - 

Pet Sematary Characters List 2

Errors in Pet Sematary Cliff Notes-Style site 2

Fabrizi, Mark A.  "Reading the Cool Stuff: Students Respond to Pet Sematary." Reading Stephen King: Issues of Censorship, Student Choice, and Popular Literature Ed. Brenda Miller Power, Jeffrey D. Wilhelm, and Kelly Chandler. NCTE. Urbana, IL. 1997. pp. 139-147.

Teaching Death and Dying Education in the Public School - some good worksheets and handouts to use with the novel

General Stephen King Resources

Stephen King Webquest



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Literary Criticism

Castricano, Jodey. "'Darling,' it said: Making a Contract with the Dead." Cryptomimesis: The Gothic and Jacques Derrida's Ghost Writing. McGill-Queen's Press. 2003.
* An examination of the intersection between the writing of Jacques Derrida and the Gothic. Doesn't really illuminate much about Pet Sematary. 

"The most successful articulation of this theme in Cryptomimesis is found in an astonishing interpretation of Steven King’s Pet Sematary. Castricano provides not so much a Derridean reading of King as a Kingian reading of Derrida. “In King’s novel,” Castricano argues, “the dead return not only because they were not properly buried but also because they represent, in Derridean terms, a certain remainder.”"


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* An analysis of Louis's motives for using the Micmac burial ground, and Jud's motives for telling Louis about it


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* Also in The Gothic World of Stephen King: Landscape of Nightmares


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* Essay that examines whether Pet Sematary can be described as a Gothic novel


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Audiovisual Resources

Pet Sematary (Special Collector's Edition) (1989) DVD

* Includes commentary by director Mary Lambert, and three excellent extras on the making of the movie and the story behind the story.

Pet Sematary screenplay (2 3) (in MicrosoftWord)

Fullcast abridged production of Pet Sematary by the BBC Audio CD  Audio Cassette 

Pet Sematary at the Internet Movie Database

Trivia for "Pet Sematary" (1989)

Pet Sematary Quizzes

Biography - Stephen King: Fear, Fame and Fortune from A&E Biography

Stephen King Resources


Related Readings

The Death and Resurrection of Lazarus (John 11:1-44) 2

"The Monkey's Paw" – W.W. Jacobs (Lesson Plans and other resources)

"The Indian Burying Ground" - Philip Freneau 2

"The Wendigo" by Algernon Blackwood 2

"Lazarus" - Leonid N. Andreyev 2 3

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The Cat Came Back (nursery rhyme) - Harry S. Miller

Kübler-Ross model (a.k.a. The Five Stages of Grief )

The Kübler-Ross grief cycle

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American Indian Burial Mounds

Mound Builders - Wikipedia entry

Michigan's mysterious Indian mounds

The Mound Builders from The History of Lenawee County

The Mound Builders by George Bryce

Mi'kmaq Burial Ground - Nova Scotia

Bregland, Renée L. The National Uncanny: Indian Ghosts and American Subjects. Dartmouth College. University Press of New England. Hanover. 2000.



Wendigo - The North Woods of Minnesota (a good overview of the legend)

Wendigo - Wikipedia entry

Looking for the Windigo? - A Great Resource for Wendigo studies.
Unlocking the Myth  -  “The Windigo” (Issue 6), by Becky Flesher
The Windigo – Pretty good account of legend.  With links.
Roosevelt's Wendigo Story written by Theodore Roosevelt.
Legion Magazine – “Beware The Windigo” by Steve Pitt
Wendigo FAQ

Two good Wendigo books:

* Windigo; An Anthology of Fact and Fantastic Fiction - edited by John Robert Colombo. 1982

* Windigo Psychosis; A Study of a Relationship between Belief and Behavior among the Indians of Northeastern Canada - Morton I. Teicher. 1960.




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