Wolf Hunter is now out!

Those of you who enjoy reading Horror might be interested in my book, Wolf Hunter, which recently came out from Belfire Press.


Wolf Hunter – In the waning days of WWII, the Nazis succeeded in creating the ultimate fighters, werewolves. Viktor Huelen escaped capture and made his way to America, where he lived for years undetected…until now.

In present day Detroit, Huelen is being blackmailed into sharing his dark gift with a group of college kids. Jack is an Ojibwa shapeshifter…

…and the only thing that stands between the werewolves and world domination.


The print version is now up on Amazon.
If you prefer eBook:
Here is the publisher’s page, with more info:

For those wanting a print copy, so many people were interested in Belfire Press’ holiday discount (20% off print orders placed through Createspace) that they have decided to extend the offer until Jan. 1st. Just use the code CNW8CEU8 at checkout.